3 Different Marketing Systems to Help You Grow Your Business

There are 3 basic marketing systems that  Hawaii Marketing Firm uses to help small business get more leads and customers.

Honolulu Marketing Firm
The first marketing system is called Reputation Marketing which is building a 5 star reputation online and marketing that reputation to get more customers. Essentially people nowadays are going to google and looking for only one thing and that is reviews.  People want to be able to see what other people who have done business with you experienced and all the research is showing that these reviews are more important than any other type of advertising you can do.  It’s so important that you shouldn’t even do any type of advertising until you have nailed down the reputation part.  You need at least 10 reviews before a customer will even trust you.  So get out there and try to get a minimum of 10 reviews.

The second system is lead generation.  This is where they will build a site in your niche, get it ranked using their SEO skills and drive all those visitors to a phone number.  They have the technology to be able to forward any calls they get to your phone number.  Many businesses like this because they are only paying for when someone calls.  It needs to be said that not every call will turn into a customers.  Converting leads into customers is the job of the business owner and the sales team but if you know your numbers you will know how many phone calls convert into customers and can pay per lead accordingly.

The final marketing system Purpose Concepts does is Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short.  Basically people go to Google to find a business.  If you aren’t on the first page then they aren’t going to see you.  Using their tested and proven SEO system they can rank your website for the terms people are searching for when they’re trying to solve their problem.

So if you would like them to work with you.  Give them a call.